Heavy Engineering Machines

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  • Boring Machines

    Horizontal Boring Milling and Facing machines are available in various sizes and can be fitted with DRO for better accuracies.CNC Horizontal Boring machines are also available.For construction Industry End Milling and Facing machines are also available.

    1. Alloy Steel Work Spindle Hardened & Ground-diameter6580100110125
    2. Morse Taper Number45666
    3. Max. Longitudinal Movements of Working Spindle410510510510600
    4. Number of Spindle Speeds99999
    5. Range of Spindle Speeds - R.P.M20 to 30015 to 30015 to 30015 to 25015 to 250
    6. Longitudinal Work spindle Feeds Nos.99999
    7. Max. Height of the Spindle Axis from Table Surface800925100011001200
    8. Min.Height of the Spindle Axis from Table Surface2025303030
    9.Dimensions of the Rotary Table840X1050900X11051030X13751100X14501220X1675
    10.Longitudinal Table Traverse15001625177519252050
    11.Long.Table Traverse Feeds (Inluding one Rapid)1010101010
    12.Transversal Table Travel Feeds (Including one Rapid)1010101010
    13. Vertical Head Stock Travel feeds (Including one Rapid)44444
    14. Rotary Table automatic Feeds (Including one Rapid)Nil10101010
    15. Max.Cross Movement of the Table9101000110013001500
    16. Max Distance between Stay Bearing & Facing Head21502400269028002950
    17. Facing Head Diameter450505555600650
    18. Weight Approximate in Kgs. (with Packing & Accessories)75009500115001450018000
    19. Weight Approximate in Kgs. (without Packing & Accessories)7000850095001100013500