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  • Auto Mould J-507

    Designed for mass production of straight & angular mouldings. Built for rugged durability

    Single and Double Auto Mould models are available. Work table can be tilted for angular moulding and V-notch table helps for moulding on square work piece.

    • Model No.
    • J-505,J-507
  • Band Saw

    Modern day Band Saw that run fast-n-efficient to cut shorten time schedules.

    Global outlook and features for the professionals who value precision workmanship

    • Sturdily built for rugged durability.
    • New job efficient & cost-effective.
    • Max Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-530, J-540
    • Master Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-530(E), J-540(E), J-550(E)
    • Popular Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-518, J-524
  • Beam Saw

    Higher production out-put with excellent cutting of multiple panels,made easy and cost effective.

    Advanced saw carriage with high feed rate driven by rack / pinion and guided on hard guide rods that ensures high cutting accuracy with infeed floating table.

    • Model No :
    • J-280.in
  • Blade Grinders

    Grinding is the most common of the regrinding operations of planer blade.

    Grinding is a finishing process that uses a rotating abrasive wheel to smooth the flat surface materials to give them a more refined look or to attain a desired surface for a functional purpose. Cup Wheel type also available.

    • Master Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-234, J-235, J-236
    • J-234(C), J-235(C), J-236(C)
    • Popular Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-124, J-125
  • Boring Machines

    Horizontal Boring Milling and Facing machines are available in various sizes and can be fitted with DRO for better accuracies.CNC Horizontal Boring machines are also available.For construction Industry End Milling and Facing machines are also available.

    1. Alloy Steel Work Spindle Hardened & Ground-diameter6580100110125
    2. Morse Taper Number45666
    3. Max. Longitudinal Movements of Working Spindle410510510510600
    4. Number of Spindle Speeds99999
    5. Range of Spindle Speeds - R.P.M20 to 30015 to 30015 to 30015 to 25015 to 250
    6. Longitudinal Work spindle Feeds Nos.99999
    7. Max. Height of the Spindle Axis from Table Surface800925100011001200
    8. Min.Height of the Spindle Axis from Table Surface2025303030
    9.Dimensions of the Rotary Table840X1050900X11051030X13751100X14501220X1675
    10.Longitudinal Table Traverse15001625177519252050
    11.Long.Table Traverse Feeds (Inluding one Rapid)1010101010
    12.Transversal Table Travel Feeds (Including one Rapid)1010101010
    13. Vertical Head Stock Travel feeds (Including one Rapid)44444
    14. Rotary Table automatic Feeds (Including one Rapid)Nil10101010
    15. Max.Cross Movement of the Table9101000110013001500
    16. Max Distance between Stay Bearing & Facing Head21502400269028002950
    17. Facing Head Diameter450505555600650
    18. Weight Approximate in Kgs. (with Packing & Accessories)75009500115001450018000
    19. Weight Approximate in Kgs. (without Packing & Accessories)7000850095001100013500
  • C Type Power Press

    We deal in a wide range of Power Presses. They are either Mechanical Power Presses or even Pneumatic Power Presses. The Power Press Machines are available as C type Power Press and Pillar type Power Press. We have both Ungeared Power Presses as well as Geared Power Presses in various capacities.

    MODEL10 TON20 TON30 TON50 TON75 TON100 TON150 TON
    Bed Size310x457381x457410x669510x762565x813609x914711x970
    Bed to Ram250280330381432455565
    Stroke Length52637595110115127
    Crank shaft Dia8090100110125152185
    Gear Dia.4555586097118138631070
    Fly Wheel Dia.5356096608129149901070
    Hole in Ram For Clamping25283239455258
    Motor R.P.M1440144014401440144014401440
    Power Requirement in H.P.22357.51015
  • Circular Saws

    A versatile range of saws to, suit your set-up and budget.

    Various Circular Saws with different m/c design to suit your work requirement include Tilting Arbour saws, Adjustable & Bench Model Circular saws and also Radial Arm saw.

    • Max Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-634(ST), J-634
    • Master Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-534, J-535, J-536
    • Popular Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-434, J-435
  • Clamp Carrier

    Heavy duty clamps provide powerful, uniform & fast clamping. Minimize operator fatigue & maximize productivity

    The machine equipped with hydraulically or pneumatically operated clamp tighteners, providing extermely powerful,uniform and fast clamping performance.

    • Prima Series : 

    Model No : 

    • J-1408 (H), J-2008 (H)
    • J-1408 (P), J-2008 (P)
  • CNC Router

    A higher quality CNC model, that allows you greater workability with affordable install and operating cost

    CNC Router range offers single & double head models with Stepper motors to produce construction elements (doors, windows, etc.), for solid wood processing (furniture, interior design), and for panel machining.

    Flat bed with or without vacuum table machines are available as per application or as per capacity of spindle.

    Rotary attachment –RT (Optional) also available.

    • Model No :
    • J-1325 ,  J-1325 VT
    • J-1325 (DH-AS) ,  J-1325 VT (DH-AS)
    • J-1325 (DH-S) ,  J-1325 VT (DH-S)
  • CNC Synchronize Hydraulic Press Brakes

    We offer a wide range of Shearing Machines for sheet metal cutting.For thinner sheets we have undercrank Mechanical Shears and for thicker sheets we offer Overcrank Mechanical Shearing machines.With the advance in hydraulics, now the preferred machines are variable rake angle hydraulic shearing machines which offer better accuracies and cleaner cut.The Hydraulic shears are available as both NC hydraulic shears as well as CNC hydraulic shearing machines.

    CSHPB 15505015004mm x 1500mm150105010028025090-8-707.51900 x 1200 x 2200
    CSHPB 25656525003mm x 2500mm150205015030025090-8-707.52800 x 1450 x 2300
    CSHPB 2510010025005mm x 2500mm1752050150400350100-8-9012.52800 x 1700 x 2500
    CSHPB 3010010030004mm x 3000mm1752600150400350100-8-9012.53400 x 1700 x 2500
    CSHPB 4010010040003mm x 4000mm1753150150400350100-8-90154400 x 1700 x 2500
    CSHPB 2516016025008mm x 2500mm200205020044041090-7-80202820 x 1750 x 2660
    CSHPB 3016016030006mm x 3000mm200260020044041090-7-80203320 x 1750 x 2750
    CSHPB 4016016040005mm x 4000mm200315020044041090-7-80204320 x 1750 x 2800
    CSHPB 25200200250010mm x 2500mm200265020045041090-7-80252820 x 2000 x 2750
    CSHPB 3020020030008mm x 3000mm200265020045041090-7-80253320 x 2000 x 2750
    CSHPB 4020020040006mm x 4000mm200315020045041090-7-80254320 x 2000 x 2800
    CSHPB 30250250300010mm x 3000mm250265020045041090-7-80253320 x 2050 x 2800
    CSHPB 4025025040008mm x 4000mm250315020045041090-7-80254320 x 2050 x 2800
    CSHPB 5025025050006mm x 5000mm250405020045041090-7-80255700 x 2050 x 3250
    CSHPB 6025025060005mm x 6000mm250505020045041090-7-60256700 x 2050 x 3700
    CSHPB 30300300300012mm x 3000mm300260025050041080-6-80303320 x 2050 x 3000
    CSHPB 40300300400010mm x 4000mm300315025050041080-6-80304320 x 2050 x 3200
    CSHPB 5030030050008mm x 5000mm300405025050041080-6-80305500 x 2050 x 3300
    CSHPB 6030030060006mm x 6000mm300505025050041080-6-60306500 x 2050 x 3700
    CSHPB 30400400300016mm x 3000mm320265030055042580-6-60503550 x 2150 x 3850
    CSHPB 40400400400012mm x 4000mm320315030055042580-6-80504500 x 2150 x 3850
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